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Service Provider

Why Choose Building Contract Partners?

Service Excellence

Fastest Turnaround Time

We understand the pressure that Builders face to get jobs started. 


We deliver the quickest turnaround time in the industry for Component 1, 2, 3 Reports so that our Builders can secure their HBCF Insurance swiftly. 

Competitive Fees

We offer our best & fairest fees upfront. 


We provide discounts for first time Builders & loyal Builders. 

If you received a better quote elsewhere, let us know and we'll see if we can match it.

Service Excellence

BCRP is our core business and our team has been providing BCRP services since the inception of the BCR Program.


This experience and focus has allowed us to optimise our systems & processes to make working with us easy.  

We support our Builders by being flexible and going the extra mile when they need us.

State Wide Coverage

We service all regions in NSW through our network located in Sydney, Newcastle, South Coast, Wagga Wagga and Byron Bay

What Our Customers Say

Our Builders

"I won't go elsewhere - good service, good price, painless process"

"You're the first person who's taken the time to explain the BCRP process to me" 

Our Brokers 

"I refer all my Clients to Graham and Lauren because I know they're in good hands"

"My Clients get their insurance quicker when they go through these guys"

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