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We remain open for business with precautionary measures in place to protect you and our team: 

  1. No one in our team has recently travelled

  2. No one in our team has been in contact with anyone who may have Coronavirus to the best of our knowledge  

  3. All of our team are in good health. If this changes, mandatory self-isolation will apply. 

  4. All of our team are working from home and practising social distancing 

  5. All of our team hand wash and sanitise regularly and between site visits  

  6. Whilst onsite we can't shake hands or be within 1.5m of others but we can still complete our inspection 

  7. We have remote inspection technology available if required

Please help us stay safe by advising if you or anyone onsite has recently travelled, been in contact with anyone that has Coronavirus or is feeling well. If so, we can complete a remote inspection  without delay to your project. 

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